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We welcome you to our introduction page we try you in a short text to explain our method and why web marketing can also be inexpensive.


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1. Take a free website provider
2. This is linked with a free subdomain (redirect) or own domain
3. Then used this free sub-domain, flavor with title, description and keywords

4. Then  register the site on the search engines  (for  free).


Actually, you can do it all yourself, it's easy with today's editors, but if you want to be found under 1 billion web pages, you need the SEO knowledge
(Optimise for search engines).


So better a site is opimalisiert  better the ranking in the search engines, say arrive, on the 1st page of. the search engines.It is the same like if you are on the mainsite of a big newspaper.

To arrive on the 1st site in the bigest rearch engines, like google or bing, it is not a one day job, a actively optimizing and transmitting is a must., say a lord of work



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